Minggu, 27 September 2015

Errors While Caring Face

For some people, acne is the most disliked. This causes a person looks unattractive and insecure. Especially for those who often melakuakan activities with the crowd. Many of the causes of acne, among others, are often exposed to dust and pollution, food allergies, and oily skin.

To get a clean face without acne, both men aupun women perform special treatment. However, of these treatments kebanyakn people make mistakes, especially when washing the face. Surely such errors can threaten the health of the skin. Here are the mistakes that often occur when treating the face.

1. One of select products. If you are accustomed to using porters and care products do not match then it will menyebabkna skin irritation. Would face easy to dry and oily. To choose a facial cleanser, choose one that suits your skin type.

2. Do not wash hands. Using facial cleanser without washing their hands first, then wipe the face will not make your face clean. Facial cleansers will actually mixed with dirt and bacteria and will move to the face.

3. Wash your face with soap. Without realizing someone clean the face with soap would be able to make the skin irritants. This is because the texture of the facial skin is very different from the skin of the body.

That error when treating the face yan gperlu diperhatikan.

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